The TW-DiscMailer™ by TW Media Services is a new mailer approved by the United States Post Office for mass-mailing individual CD's and DVD's using letter-size automation rates. It is the first USPS-approved cardstock disc mailer on the market that meets the letter-size automation requirements and can be mailed at a one ounce rate. The cardstock material of the TW- DiscMailer™ is sturdy enough to support fragile CDs and DVDs through the postal system, yet is light enough to meet the one-ounce postage requirement. For our customers that have thousands of discs to mail, this translates into hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved on postage costs alone!

TW Media Services, a leader in creating custom multimedia packaging, developed the TW-DiscMailer™ in response to the postal service changes that took effect in May 14, 2007 that drastically increased the cost to mail CD’s and DVD’s in industry standard sleeves and mailers. Being unable to find an existing solution, we began development of the TW-DiscMailer™ in the summer of 2007 and received USPS approval in November 2007. Since then we have put thousands of pieces through the postal system, and saved our customers thousands of dollars in mailing cost.

For non-profit organizations, the TW-DiscMailer™ can reduce postage costs by over 60 percent ($0.16/unit) as compared to using a standard non-approved disc mailer ($0.43/unit). On a mailing of 10,000 pieces, the TW-DiscMailer™ will save a non-profit $2,680.00 in postage costs. For other organizations, the TW-DiscMailer™ will save similar dollar amounts (from $0.53/unit to $0.25) for automated standard rate. For automated first-class mailings, the postage rate changes from $0.58/unit to $0.36/unit. 

Made out of sturdy cardstock, the TW-DiscMailer™ protects CDs and DVDs from breaking as they travel through the automated post office equipment. In comparison, other one-ounce mailers, made out of lighter weight paper, jam the automated post office equipment, causing fragile CD’s and DVD’s to break, and must be hand-processed, resulting in wasted time and additional processing fees. As a final benefit, the TW-DiscMailer™ design offers substantially more print surface for promotion as compared to other disc mailers.

The TW-DiscMailer™ is available now and exclusively by TW Media Services. Please contact us for pricing, samples and questions at (800) 470-0038 or click here.





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